We’re glad you’re thinking of leasing a van. There are a few things to understand before you hire from us. 

Over the years, several small changes have amounted to significant differences in the way we do business. We’ve improved, and we’re bringing that fantastic experience to you. 

You probably decided that you want to lease a minibus for your school or maybe a van for your college or institution. Perhaps you had hired a van a long time back, but you still need to know how it works and to understand the change in leasing. 

In either of those cases, you have landed on the right page. Below you’ll be reading a detailed process on how to get started in leasing a van for schools, colleges, or any organisation.  

You see leasing a van isn’t that big a deal, but you need to make sure that you are compliant with all minibus legislation to avoid any trouble in the future. It’s a simple process that we will walk you through, but if you have never leased before, it might sound a little overwhelming.


Nine steps to leasing a van:

  1. Identifying the right van for you: when you are discussing with one of our advisors, you’ll be asked a lot of questions regarding the kind of organisation you have and what type of van you need. After examining everything, our advisors will tell you which kind of trailer will best suit your needs, and all compliance requirements that you’ll need to fulfil for that particular van. They’ll let you know if you need a ten weeks safety inspection or a digital tachograph. 
  1. Pricing: Once you have discussed and finalised the van with our advisor, we look at your annual mileage requirements and speak with the financial services we are accredited with. After having done our due diligence, we design a customised price package for you that is extremely competitive. We provide you with options to choose from (based on your interests and budget). If you have questions, they’ll be answered no matter how trivial they may appear, so don’t shy away from asking. 
  1. Order process: When everything is set up, we will take a few details from you to set up your credit with the financial services and send you a confirmation form with all the information on the make and model of the van, the annual mileage, the pricing, and so on. You will be required to send a signed copy of that form back to us. Even at this stage, you can ask questions if you have any. 
  1. Vehicle order: Once we have received the signed form from you, we place an order with a trusted dealer nearest to you and give you a confirmation when it’s done. We will then provide you with an estimated delivery time and keep you posted about the status. If there are any delays, you’ll be promptly informed.
  1. Finance paperwork: Once your vehicle is finalised, we will send the financial documents for checking, signing, and returning. That way, we will be done with the paperwork by the time your vehicle is delivered to you.
  1. Signwriting: If you have opted for a sign on your van, we will work with our professional signwriters to create a personalised design for you. We will show you a proof of the design before we send it to the dealer. The writing would be done at the dealer’s end so that when you receive your van, it’s ready to go. 
  1. Delivery: Although we can’t give you an exact time of delivery of your van, we will provide an estimate. We will do our best to make sure that your van reaches you at the earliest. Once it reaches your door, you will be asked to sign an acceptance form. Before you sign on the dotted line, inspect the van thoroughly. If there’s any discrepancy or any issue with the van, contact us immediately, and we will take care of it as soon as possible. 
  1. Ongoing service and support: We will send you the annual road fund license every year and will have routine servicing for your vans as well. We also provide repairs for all our leased vans. All you need to do is give us a call, and we will send our best men to get your van up and running again.
  1. Collection/End of agreement: When the lease on your van ends, we will reach out to you to discuss your further requirements or lease termination. In both cases, our people would come and collect your van and return it. We will start a new lease with a new van for your further requirements.